Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Last, but not least...

The McBride family! Joey (aka Seppi) is 6 months old and he's the happiest baby. He just hangs out and takes it all in. And I loved the hairdo he was rocking. Too cute! Here are my favorites!


Picture Day, Part IV

Up next is Shannon and Megan. Shannon and Megan are sisters (can't you tell?) and they hadn't taken pictures together in a long time so they decided it would be the perfect mother's day gift! These two were so much fun and after having kids all day it was nice to have some big kids who took direction! It was defintely a nice break in my schedule! Here are some of my favorite pictures!


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Picture Day, Part III

Up next is Aiden Bengard and his mom and dad. Aiden's dad, Alex, is cousins with Caleb's dad, Tyler. We tried to get a couple of pictures of the two of them together, but Aiden had different plans. We did get Aiden to give Caleb a kiss. It was really sweet!

We got some family pictures of the three of them and then we let Aiden run around. He's a madman! I've known Aiden since he was born and it's so crazy to see how much he's grown. He's growing into such a little man and can talk. His favorite work is "No!". It's really cute, although I'm sure Jamie and Alex don't find it cute anymore :)

We played in some leaves...

We had an Easter egg hunt

And then Aiden played with his "ba"

And then the he ran around some more!

Whew! I get tired just thinking about it! Thanks again to Jamie for organizing the day and for bringing me lunch!


Picture Day, Part II

Next up was Caleb Bengard and his mom and dad Brooke and Tyler. Caleb will be one in May and he is such a sweet baby. He smiled the whole time! They had a lot of fun and you can really see that in the pictures!

This picture is probably my favorite from the whole day


Picture Day!

On Sunday I had my very first picture day. Basically, a picture day is a day of shorter (30 minute sessions versus 60 - 90 minutes) sessions back to back. The day is hosted by one person, kind of like a tuperware party. They book the sessions, schedule them, and collect the contracts and deposits and then I show up on the day off and shoot.

Jamie Bengard hosted the first picture day. We had 6 sessions with 5 families. The first family, the Simmons, did one session with just their immediate family and then another with the grandparents, which is a great idea!

I'll be posting the picture throughout the week on my blog. First, we have the Simmons. I grew up with the mom, Nicole, but haven't seen her in I'd say about 10 years! She's all grown up now with two beautiful children and such an amazing family! The grandparents and Aunt Heidi came along to take pictures and help. Here are a few of my favorites!

Thanks again to Jamie for setting up the appointments! If you're interested in hosting a picture day please feel free to email me Check back for more pictures later!