Thursday, May 31, 2007

Mr. & Mrs. Carter

Jerry and Tumy had a long wedding day filled with lots of events. I've been excited about their wedding for a while because not only did they have a Catholic ceremony, but they also had a Vietnamese ceremony. While it was a long day, it was great because it gave me lots of time to experiment with some fun stuff like off camera lighting!

The day started at St. Edwards Church in Dana Point. The bride's changing room was very boring and stark so I set up my off camera flash to see what I could do to make it look better. I think these are my favorite dress and shoe shots ever!

Tumy had an absolutely amazing dress! I like these shots in the hall too.

A little sneak peek of the church before the ceremony

I had an awesome second shooter for the day. Sandra Salisbury grabbed this awesome shot from the balcony.

We grabbed a few quick shots at the church.

And then off to the Vietnamese ceremony. It was actually a very emotional ceremony. It was very cool to be a part of.

Jerry and Tumy's reception was at The Island Hotel. The Island is GORGEOUS! When we walked into the ballroom our jaws dropped! And there are lots of great places for pictures at the hotel as well.

It was an awesome reception. They even had a Chinese acrobatic show. The big lions really scared me, but the rest of the act was very cool!

Jerry and Tumy, thanks so much for allowing me to be a part of your wedding day! We had so much fun! I hope you are enjoying Cabo! Here's your slideshow!


Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Aubrey & Luke

It was just 8 short months ago that Aubrey and Luke had their first date at the Starbucks that we met at for their engagement shoot. Although they have only been dating for a short time, it is totally evident how perfect they are for each other!

These two were nervous at the beginning, but they are naturals! By the end they were whispering directions to each other! This engagement session was really cool too because we got to take pictures at where they are getting married. Their venue is actually the home of one of their good friends. It's a gorgeous property with a 100 year old barn! I love barns! Aubrey and Luke are getting married on the oh so popular date of 7/7/07 and I'm very excited for their wedding! Here's the slideshow!


Mr. & Mrs. Wang

Sorry, I'm a bit behind on blogging!

Last weekend I shot Shelly and Kevin's. They picked a great date, because May 19 is my parents wedding anniversary :)

The day started off very early at Shelly's parents house. Kevin and Shelly saw each other before the ceremony because they had a Chinese ceremony before the actual marriage ceremony.

It was very touching and emotional! I've never seen so many tears shed before the actual ceremony! Shelly and her family are very close and you could tell how hard it was for them to give her away.

The ceremony and reception were at the Universal Sheraton in Universal City.

There was a great temple across the street, but we got kicked out very fast!

Good thing the Sheraton and the Hilton had lots of great places to shoot.

Shelly and Kevin had the coolest favors. Lottery tickets! I didn't win anything though :(

Shelly changed into a beautiful Chinese dress for the 2nd party of the reception.

I don't know why, but I love this pictures of Kevin. He looks so scared!

Thanks to Shelly and Kevin for being so gracious. Shelly always puts everyone before herself and even on her wedding day she was making sure that we had everything we needed. I hope you're enjoying Tahiti! Here's the slideshow!