Friday, February 01, 2008

Sneak Peek!

I know I'm probably showing too much and I wanted to wait until my new blog is done for the big reveal, but I'm so excited about all my new paper goods designed by So Divine Designs, that I just had to show you a little preview! I have new business cards, stationary, and labels! It's like the first day of school! I'm so excited to start using them! Here's a little sneak peek. I can't wait for you to see the rest!!!

As for a baby update, there is no update. I'm exactly one week from my due date but no progress has been made. The little guy is still very comfortable inside my stomach. I spend my days sleeping (because why would I be able to sleep at night?) and eating (a lot). I'm able to work a little, but sitting for long periods of time is uncomfortable. But so is laying and standing. I guess I'm just uncomfortable in any position. Thanks for everybody's well wishes! I'll do my best to post a blog before I leave for the hospital if he ever decides to make an appearance :)



At 6:46 PM, Blogger Kristina said...

So cute!! It was great seeing you today, so funny! LOL - Baby delivery dust to you ;-) Go on LOTS of walks, jump your hubby, caster oil (??) whatever all those old wives tales are... LOL

At 8:05 PM, Blogger Sandra Salisbury said...

I love the sneek peek! looks very exciting i cant wiat to see all your new stuff! Yes i agree with your friend kristina, walk, do ur hubby, caster oil, oh and dancing... like crazy jumping around loving life dancing.. but i have afew friends who swear by the caster oil! Love Ya!

At 10:25 AM, Blogger Trista said... your hubby...heheheheh Sandra!

Drew, I love the new cool!!! Can't wait to see the rest!!


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