Monday, December 31, 2007

Bad Blogger!

I have been an absolutely horrible blogger! But, I've been getting lots done! Besides enjoying a few days off at Christmas and spending this past weekend in Laguna, we've been working hard on the nursery to get that ready just in case our little guy gets here early (hopefully he will get here early!). And I've been working hard on designing albums. I also shot a cool wedding the Friday before Christmas and an awesome engagement shoot last week. I'll be blogging about those after the New Year. I have two weddings in January that I've been really looking forward to. I've hired two of my awesome photographer friends to cover those with me just in case my water breaks in the middle of the wedding. Hopefully that won't happen because that would be gross, but I have to be prepared for anything :)

I have decided that January 18th will be my last day in the office before I go on maternity leave. It's just getting too hard to sit in a chair all day. I will officially be returning April 7. So, if you are a current client and want your album or proofs please order them in the next week. I'm getting very backed up because everyone wants their albums before I go on leave. And if you are a prospective client please schedule a meeting with me soon as well. I will probably be scheduling meetings again in early March, but I'm not making any promises. I will still be checking my email and returning phone calls, but it is going to take me a bit longer to get back to you.

I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas and has a great New Year! I'm just hoping to make it to midnight tonight. We're going to go see Juno in an hour and then I'm going to eat lots of sugar to try and stay up until midnight!



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