Monday, January 07, 2008

Chuck and Drew - Crimefighters!

What was a very uneventful, rainy Sunday turned into a very exciting Sunday for a few minutes. Chuck and I were driving to my parents house when we saw an accident on the freeway. We didn't actually see the accident, but we saw everyone braking and turn to avoid it. It probably happened about 30 seconds ahead of us. There was a pickup truck that was turned completely the wrong way and two smaller cars that had smashed into it. As we drove past it the pickup truck started backing up. I told Chuck that I thought he/she was leaving and Chuck said that he was just pulling over. But, why would he pull over? Why wouldn't they just stay where they were? So the truck backs up and almost gets hit by a semi and then speeds past us onto another freeway! This is where it gets really exciting. Chuck and I followed the truck and I got the license plate number (or tried. I only got 6 numbers/letters). I called 911 as we tried to follow them, but it was raining and they were driving very fast so we ended up losing them. On a side note, it's a bit disconcerting when you call 911 and hit any button to say, yes it is an emergency, and you are still on hold for 2 minutes. When I finally got through to 911 I told them everything I knew and they took down my info. How fun would it be if we got to go into court and testify? There was another car that looked like it was trying to follow the truck too so hopefully they got the rest of the license plate. Anyway, we do what we can to keep Orange County safe :)



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Yea Drew, good for you! Those two other cars will be very grateful. BUT - be careful, pregnant girl! You're crazy!


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