Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hauggy Says...


In case you can't tell, he's a lobster. He wanted to be a French Fry or an In 'N Out employee, but we couldn't find either of those costumes. One of his favorite toys is his lobster that we got him from Maine a few years ago so he decided to be a lobster too. Doesn't he look thrilled? I think he's ready for the baby to be born so I'll stop taking so many pictures of him :)

I'm off to go trick or treating with my two favorite little kids, Owen and Emma. I think Owen is going to be the black Spiderman and Emma is Alice in Wonderland. Should be fun. I hope they give me lots of their candy :) Have a happy and safe Halloween everyone!



At 9:10 AM, Anonymous Michelle said...

I love it!

Owen and Emma shared their candy and then some! Did you even take any of it home? Thanks for spending Halloween with us, the kids loved that you were there.

At 9:30 AM, Blogger Jasmine said...

My favorite Hauggy picture...ever! :)


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