Thursday, September 27, 2007

It's the little things...

I live right behind Downtown Brea, which is a really cute little promenade with movie theaters, restaurants, ans shops. A few months ago Chuck's favorite Chinese place, The Dragon Bowl, closed down unexpectedly. The cutest little Chinese man worked there 7 days a week and even on Christmas so we were sad to see him go. But, today, Chuck and I were walking Hauggy and we saw that they are opening a Robeks where The Dragon Bowl used to be. Woohoo! Robeks is a smoothie place and it's SO much better than Jamba and Juice It Up! I used to get it all the time when I worked at MTV, but there's only 3 locations in Orange County and the closest location is 20 minutes away. I'm SO excited that there will be one within walking distance. Sometimes it's just the little things that make me so happy!



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