Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I love my clients!

I was just working on some of my albums from this year and thinking about what a great year I've had. Only 3 more weddings left for the year and I've been so lucky to work with great clients, most of whom have become good friends of mine. Next year I'm only taking a limited number of weddings because I have to figure out this whole "mom" thing and I've actually almost met my goal and am completely booked up. And it's only October! I'm super excited for all of my weddings next year! Not only do I get to work with such great people, but I'm also getting to shoot at some of Southern California's best venues. I'm really excited and very, very lucky!

One of my couples, Nikki and Jeff, came over to meet with me this weekend. Nikki was a bridesmaid at Brigid and Dave's wedding last month and they are getting married at the Balboa Bay Club in April. Both of their moms came to our meeting and it was so funny because Jeff's mom takes pictures at all of their vendor meetings. How special did I feel? Here's the picture. No, my dog isn't possessed. For some reason my red eye remover in photoshop doesn't work for blue eyes... Shout out to Nikki who reads my blog when she's bored at work :) Don't tell her boss!

Happy Tuesday everyone!



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