Wednesday, May 09, 2007


That's how many miles we drove on Monday. I dragged my wonderful husband all around Southern California for some fun adventures.

First, we drove down to Oceanside for a fun photo shoot with Nate and Jaclyn from The Image is Found. I've been a big fan of their work for awhile and when I saw that they were looking for models for a seminar I volunteered Chuck and I. At first Chuck wasn't too excited, but after I showed him their work he was super excited. They have such fun and unique poses so it was a great learning experience for me. And being in front of the camera is always a good reminder how my clients feel. It's a huge help in making my clients feel more comfortable. I haven't seen any pictures yet, but I will post some as soon as they are up!

Next, we took a Krispy Kreme break in Mission Viejo on our way up to LA for The Bride & Bloom first anniversary party.

Look! They arranged our doughnuts into a smiley face!

The Bride & Bloom party was to celebrate the one year anniversary of the magazine, but also to honor the great Preston Bailey. His work is absolutely amazing! Like, unreal.

The wonderful Paper-Girl, aka Vivian Ip, and her husband Lester, aka Leonard, were there. I wish I had known about Paper-Girl when I got married. Viv's work is BEAUTIFUL! Totally creative and unique. And on top of that she's an awesome and generous person.

I met Harmony Walton from The Bridal Bar. The Bridal Bar is an awesome resource for brides. Be sure to check out their blog for great tips!

My good friend Jasmine Star was there.

Here is a pic of the husbands. From left to right there is Lester Ip, JD Star :), and my hubby Chuck. I don't think any of them really wanted to be there, but they had fun hanging out with each other. I know Chuck loved the free food and drinks!

Speaking of food, they must have known that I was coming. I usually hate the food at these functions. Normal people I'm sure love it, but I am very picky. But they had grilled cheese sandwiches and milk and cookies! How awesome is that!

It must be because the event was planned by the awesome Jeannie Savage from Details Details. Every event that Jeannie plans is unique and beautiful. She has some great things happening to her business in the near future and I'm so excited for all of her growth. She is THE event planner for Southern California! Check her out!



At 4:40 PM, Blogger Jasmine said...

"JD Star"...bwahahahaha! Priceless :)
Okay, I'm going to steal some pictures now! ;)

At 4:46 PM, Blogger Jeff Youngren said...

Milk and cookies! Yumm, I'm going to go find me some of those :)

At 7:53 PM, Blogger paper girl said...

drew, I love it!


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