Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Mr. & Mrs. Gonzales

I've been looking forward to Lauren and Doug's wedding and I wasn't disappointed. Lauren and Doug decided to see each other before the ceremony. I love it when couples do this because it allows for a lot more time for pictures! After Lauren got ready at her parents house we headed over to Pitcher Park in Orange for the "first look". I love capturing the first look when couples do see each other first because it's always filled with emotion.

Then we headed down to the Orange Circle where we got some fun pictures of the two of them.

The ceremony was held at St. Norbert's Church in Orange, which is the church Lauren grew up in.

The great thing about getting all the pictures done before the ceremony is that you can go straight to the party after with no interruptions! They actually got to enjoy the cocktail hour with their family and friends. And it gave me some extra time to do some fun things, like ring shots! Lucky Lauren got 2 wedding bands! No fair!

Lauren and Doug held their reception at The Orange County Museum of Art, which is an AMAZING venue! I was blown away when I saw how gorgeous their reception was. The lighting was awesome. They had a slideshow playing the whole time on one of the walls. They didn't have a formal sit down dinner, which I loved as well. Also, they didn't have any floral centerpieces. It was all candles and was so beautiful. Their planners, Penny and Cassidy McAllister, did an amazing job with all the little details (they don't have a business name or website yet, but you can contact Cassidy at if you're interested in their services). And I know it looked as gorgeous as it did because Lauren pays meticulous attention to all the little details as well. They did a great job making this stark space look beautiful!

Lauren and Doug had the best toasts I've ever heard. Lauren's good friend and bridesmaid Lisa read the same toast that Lauren read at her wedding and it was so touching.

And then Lauren's brothers read one of the funniest speeches / roasts. They made SO much fun of Doug (aka Dirk). It was hilarious!

It was an absolutely gorgeous wedding an I thank Lauren and Doug for letting me be a part of it! Have fun on your honeymoon in Mexico in August! Here's the slideshow!



At 11:15 PM, Blogger Trista said...

OMG..this wedding is amazing! You did an awesome job capturing everything!!

At 10:35 AM, Blogger Lauren said...

Drew, We've gotten nothing but the best compliments on these pictures. Thank you for capturing the essence of our wedding. Doug and I could not be happier!


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