Friday, April 06, 2007

Dress Shopping

My good friends Christy and Bobby are getting married next Spring in Maui and I'm SO excited for their wedding. Today I got to go dress shopping with Christy and it was so much fun! We started out at Bridal Chic in Laguna Niguel. I'm really partial to the little boutiques rather than the big huge stores like Mon Amie. I like how you are the only one's in the store and you get the undivided attention of the sales people. It's just so much more calm and serene than the big stores (or at least my experiences there). Marie Coleman helped Christy with her dresses and she is very knowledgeable about wedding dresses and weddings in general because she is also a coordinator. Check out her website!

After Bridal Chic we headed over to my personal favorite dress shop in Orange County, Erin Cole. I love Erin Cole because that's where I bought my Rivini dress. Erin Cole is an accessories designer and they have amazing brooches and hair pieces. Their dresses are all very simple because they want you to dress them up with their accessories. I fell in love with a Judd Waddell dress that Christy tried on, but I think Christy is pickier than me when it comes to dresses so it's going to be tough. She's teeny tiny so getting a feel in the big sample sizes is hard for her, but she's going to look absolutely gorgeous in whatever she picks!



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